Shofar Worship: Become a Collaborator!

The music model has changed so much that it’s very difficult to cover the costs of making music from physical or digital sales alone.

The Shofar Worship collective (including ShofarBand) is fired up to release new music this year, but it costs R2,000-R7,000 to produce just one song (producer fees, mixing, mastering, distribution, etc.), besides costs like making videos and ministering at churches.

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Our Promised Land

The stability that comes from having our own venue, where we don’t have to focus on rebuilding from scratch every Sunday, will allow us to invest more energy into building up people and equipping the saints for the work of serving the world around us with the gifts He has given us. We have committed ourselves to constantly seek God’s face for ways in which we can be a blessing to those around us, not just on Sundays, but right throughout the week.

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Aziel Verreynne

On 14 November Aziel's mom found him lying at the bottom of their swimming pool. After a lot of prayer, and fantastic work by the medical staff, Aziel has survived and has started the long (and expensive) recovery process.

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Help us make Shofar Stable Ministries HOME

Help us raise funds to purchase the piece of land that our Shofar Stable Ministries people call Home.

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Shofar Swakopmund Building Fundraiser

In a first for the Shofar family of churches, Shofar Swakopmund is building a new church venue. The building project has commenced, but a significant portion of the funds are still outstanding. The church building will not only serve the current generation, but aims to be a house of prayer and worship for future generations, a place where people can encounter Jesus

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